To create, edit, or delete a banner on your website, follow these instructions:

1. Access your administrator settings by visiting

2. Click on the Website Manager tab.

3. Click on the Settings subtab.

4. Scroll down to the Homepage Banners section.

5. To create a new banner, click Create Banner in the upper right corner. To edit a banner, click Edit next to the banner you want to edit. To deactivate a banner, click Deactivate next to the banner you want to remove from your site but not delete. To permanently delete a banner, click Delete next to the banner you want to delete.
6. After creating a banner, click the green Save and Publish button. Just clicking Save will create the banner and set it as inactive. After editing a current banner, click the green Save button.

When editing or creating a banner, there are many options to customize it.

The Text tab lets you edit the copy on the banner.

The Image tab lets you choose an uploaded image or upload a new image for the banner.

The Image Frame tab lets you customize how your chosen image appears in the banner.
The Custom tab lets you upload and use a completely customized banner that has been pre-made. You also can link your banner to a URL, put the link in a hotspot on the image, and make the link open a popup.

The Video tab lets you upload videos to use as banners, and change the settings on those videos to customize how they play and appear.