Make sure the clip you want to add to Tribute Center is in the format "MP4" or "WMV" otherwise it may not be supported. Please note, you may need to install Apple Quicktime before it allows you to add an "MP4" video file into Tribute Center. In the Media section of Tribute Center, click "Add Video." Our stock video clips are displayed with different categories in the left column. To add a video from your computer, click the top right button, "Add from Computer." In the window that comes up, navigate on your computer to where you have the video clip stored. Double click on it to bring it into Tribute Center. If needed, Tribute Center will encode the video to the correct format. Once complete, the video will be stored in the "Personal" section in the category column to the left. Click "Personal," choose the video you want to insert, and then click "Add to Project." It will put a message on the screen while it adds the video. Once done, click "Exit" in the lower right. You should now see the video clip in thumbnails with all of the other pictures. If you want sound to play from the video clip, hover your mouse over the video thumbnail, and in the lower left click the speaker icon so it is unmuted. Or mute the speaker icon to disable audio from the clip and it will play music from the slideshow while the clip plays. Note: We do not recommend having a video clip as the very first or very last slide in the slideshow. This could cause an audio glitch with the music and the sound on the video. Make sure to have a picture in the first and last slide to avoid audio problems. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 866-372-9372 for further assistance.